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The ART of Relationship Coaching

Wherever you go there you are. Not only is it a great book by Jon Kabat-Zinn it is also the
truth. Throughout our lives we carry the burdens and blessings we received in our childhoods into our adult lives. How you show up in relationship today is a direct result of what we learned about relationships through modeling and in response to our (TRAUMA) environment.
We all crave connection and intimacy in our lives but we never receive any education about how to “DO” relationships. For instance, we are all told that marriage is tough and that it takes work but nobody tells you what that work is or how its done! On top of managing our intimate relationships and the demands of daily life, we all have a tricky dance we do with our own family of origin, our siblings, mother and father.

Relationships, ALL relationships, are an endless dance between harmony, disharmony and
repair. Learning about myself, my patterns of response in relationships and learning simple tools that help me stay in my own lane during a rupture has transformed my life. 

Intimacy starts with you. Learning the tools of relationship, paired with self understanding, will transform how you show up in the world and how people will respond to you.

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