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You have a calling and a purpose. Your natal chart is the key to unlocking your highest potential, identifying patterns and is the doorway to your purpose. You will learn the hidden treasures that you were born with, its all written in the stars! Understanding your soul calling and promise of this lifetime will help you focus and prioritize your time and energy. This not only gives you clarity but also the peace of mind that comes when you can finally hold yourself in warm regard. The journey of self compassion starts with seeing yourself through the eyes of love and have deep gratitude for yourself.

Your natal chart reminds you of who you are meant to be. Learning about your natal chart and leaning into your strengths will empower you. Being aware of possible blind spots will serve you greatly on your path. We’ve all heard the adage, “timing is everything”, and it’s true, knowing the energy you are headed towards is critical when planning. You wouldn’t plan a picnic when you see thunderclouds on the horizon. You will walk away with a firm
understanding of your elemental make up, how to apply the concept of synastry to your life and practical tools to support your journey.

I am a Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon and Libra rising.

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